Update PUBG Mobile 1.0: The latest details

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PUBG Mobile 1.0 will officially start on September 8. This update will not maintain the server. This update requires 1.8 GB on Android and 2.17 GB on iOS.

Let’s find out about the new features in the PUBG Mobile 1.0 update:

– New image quality

– Upgrade the sky, ground, water, and plants to be more vivid and detailed.

– Architectural change

– Changing the texture of some buildings.

Major change of resource points

Mylta Power: Mylta Power has been remodeled, the building structure is completely new, bringing resource points closer together to develop unexpected tactics in battle.

Quarry: Improved terrain structure, adjusted the layout of buildings, added 7 large warehouses, added landing points for more equipment pick up options.

Prison: Adjust the terrain structure to add more walls around. Adjust the textures of some buildings to give attackers more options.

Adjusting other resource points in Play Area: Adding some resource points in Play Area.

New map elements

Add trenches, wooden fences, broken tanks, and constructions as obstructions, to create a battlefield atmosphere in Erangel, while allowing more tactics and strategies to be executed.

Architectural structure change

Adjusted the texture of some urban areas, giving players a better experience when attacking and defending. Adding basements to some buildings, players need to use the weapon to smash the wooden doors of the basement to be able to enter.

New weapon: M1014

New semi-automatic shotgun. Capacity of 7 bullets, providing a superior melee experience.

Can be equipped with either the Shotgun Muzzle, or the Ammo Bag, which is the most effective combat shotgun to date. The ammunition can be loaded manually to respond to unexpected situations.

Only available in the Livik map of Rank Battle Royale and Arena, along with other shotguns.

Phase balance adjustment

– Reduce the advantages of the pipe truss opposite the waterfall.
– Increase the water depth above the waterfall.
– Increase the vegetation density of the area on the left corner.
– The big boat is replaced with a speedboat, a newly modified canoe, and can be used in narrow waterfalls.
– Adjust a little bit in the parachute hearing.
– Adjust grass distribution.

Some of the mysterious Energy Towers still in Erangel still exist after the explosion. Players can exchange supplies at the Energy Tower by completing certain conditions in battle.

During the event period, matchmaking players in Erangel Ranking mode will have the opportunity to enter this mode.

Fire Mode is back with brand new enhancements!

Weapon vehicles, including armed helicopters and other vehicles, provide super powerful firepower. Capture your base and Super Universe Item Box It’s hard to get new heavy weapons and super powerful items. Use the Radio Tower to revive your disqualified teammates. Experience the fascinating game!

New armored vehicles: Armored UAZ, Dacia, Buggy and Pickup.

New heavy weaponry: AT4-A laser missile and M202 4-barrel grenade launcher.

New items: UAV Control Station, Handheld Radar, Bomb Kit.

Zombie Halloween Mode (Open October 23)

Zombies wear Halloween masks, with items that add to the atmosphere, including pumpkin lights, tombstones, and candles.


Tommy Gun: Increased rate of fire and added viewfinder trajectory. This weapon can retrofit the Red Dots and Holo Scopes.

UMP45: Increases damage, rate of fire, and flight speed of bullets.

DBS: This weapon will now appear outside, not in the Airborne Hearing.

What makes fighting Rank

– Better link standing and squatting action.

– Action using the first aid kit stops only when fast run mode is on.

– Gyro sensor was able to throw.

– When parachuting, you can change the angle of view by swiping to the right of the screen. Vehicle model improvements

– Load the Monster, reduce the scene that cuts off the tire.


In Arena mode, shooting will lose its invulnerability. Improved the sliding action in Arena, so players can change the direction of the slide based on the direction they are moving while sliding.


Graphics can now be set up for Hall and Battle separately.

Training Area Improvement

To improve training, the upgraded Training Zone will give each player a separate Training Zone.

More shooting, target throws and training for different difficulty levels.

The entrance to the Training Zone has changed – now players can enter from the Playground.

PK Amusement Park

The building to the left of the shooting zone in the Play Zone is complete – come and see!

Players can enter the Playground and join others, fight in a new building or watch the PK from outside.

Island Among Amusement Park

Add a heart-shaped island to the middle of the lake in the Play Zone, the Hot Air Balloon will be moved near the island.

The island will be decorated with romantic items, such as a 2-seater swing, a romantic boat, couples will definitely love this spot!

Amusement Park PK Arena (Open October 23)

Join alone and fight with many waves of monsters. The building is transparent so that players can follow.

Added leaderboards so players can compete with other players on the same island.

Halloween Playground (Open 23/10)

During Halloween, the Monster Training Zone in the Playground will be unlocked, players entering the Training Zone need to fight multiple waves of monsters in a dark, misty environment.

After the player successfully fights the monster, their score will be displayed on Training Zone Ranking.

During Halloween, the Playground and other areas will have a Halloween look.

New theme, new bonus! BEYOND ACE has begun!

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