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Tekken 3 Download the latest and updated version available as a separate, offline installation package for Windows computers.

Tekken 3 Overview

Tekken 3 was originally released for the PlayStation console in 1998, and there was no official PC version of the game released by Namco. However, it is possible to play Tekken 3 on PC through emulation.

The game features a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique fighting styles and moves. The gameplay is based on a system of four buttons, with each button representing a limb of the character. Players can perform various moves and combos by pressing different button combinations, and can also use special moves and techniques unique to each character.

Tekken 3 also introduced several new gameplay mechanics, including the ability to sidestep and move around the 3D fighting arenas, and the inclusion of interactive environments that could be used to deal additional damage to opponents.

The game features several game modes, including Arcade mode, Versus mode, Time Attack mode, and Team Battle mode. In Arcade mode, players fight through a series of opponents to reach the final boss, while in Versus mode, two players can battle each other. Time Attack mode challenges players to complete the game as quickly as possible, while Team Battle mode allows players to form teams and battle against each other.

Tekken 3 received critical acclaim upon release, praised for its graphics, gameplay, and diverse cast of characters. It is considered one of the best games in the fighting game genre and is still popular among gamers today.

Features of Tekken 3

  • Robust Character Roster: Tekken 3 boasts a large roster of diverse characters, each with their own unique fighting styles, move sets, and special moves.
  • Fluid and Responsive Gameplay: The game offers responsive controls and fluid animations, allowing for smooth and dynamic fights.
  • Three-Dimensional Fighting Environment: Tekken 3 introduced a fully 3D fighting environment, enabling players to sidestep, dodge attacks, and move freely in all directions.
  • Combos and Juggles: Players can perform intricate combos and juggle opponents in the air, creating opportunities for high-damage combos and stylish plays.
  • Multiple Game Modes: This game provides a variety of game modes, including Arcade Mode, Versus Mode for local multiplayer, Team Battle Mode, Time Attack Mode, Survival Mode, and Practice Mode.
  • Engaging Storyline: The game features an engaging storyline that revolves around the Mishima family and their struggles for power and revenge.
  • Beautiful Graphics and Animations: Tekken 3 introduced impressive graphics and detailed character models, showcasing the capabilities of the PlayStation console at the time.
  • Interactive Stages: Stages in Tekken 3 are interactive and can have destructible elements or obstacles that can be used strategically during battles.
  • Unlockable Content: Players can unlock additional characters, costumes, and game modes by meeting certain conditions or achieving specific objectives.
  • Hidden Characters: Game Tekken 3 offers hidden characters, such as Gon (from the manga series) and Dr. Bosconovitch, that can be unlocked and played.
  • Replay Value: The game has a high replay value, as players can explore different characters, discover new combos, and compete with friends in local multiplayer matches.
  • Music and Sound Effects: The game features a memorable soundtrack with catchy tunes that enhance the overall gaming experience.

System Requirements for Windows PC

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
  • Processor: Pentium 200 MHz or equivalent
  • RAM: 32 MB
  • Graphics Card: DirectX-compatible graphics card with 4 MB VRAM
  • DirectX: Version 7.0 or higher
  • Sound Card: DirectX-compatible sound card
  • Storage: 100 MB available space

Recommended System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
  • Processor: Pentium II 300 MHz or equivalent
  • RAM: 64 MB
  • Graphics Card: DirectX-compatible graphics card with 8 MB VRAM
  • DirectX: Version 7.0 or higher
  • Sound Card: DirectX-compatible sound card
  • Storage: 100 MB available space

Technical Setup Details

  • Full Name: Tekken 3
  • File Name:
  • File Size: 38 MB
  • Setup Type: Offline Installer / Full Standalone Setup

Tekken 3 download for PC Information

Tekken 3 Download for PC includes all files needed to operate properly on your system, posted game contains all current and updated files. Download the full settings package in a single link.

Click the button below to start free download Tekken 3 for PC


Unzip Password (if any):

How to Install

  1. Once the download is complete, extract the downloaded file and run it.
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts to begin the installation process. You will be asked to select the destination folder for the game and to agree to the license agreement.
  3. Wait for the installation process to complete.
  4. Once the installation is complete, you can launch the game by locating the game icon on your desktop or in your Start menu.
  5. Finally, launch the game and start playing!


  • Whenever a password is required for a packed file, it is always
  • It is strongly advised to disable any security or antivirus software before to extracting or installing the game.

How to play Tekken 3

  1. Install ePSXe: Visit the ePSXe website ( and download the latest version of the emulator. Follow the installation instructions provided on the website to install ePSXe on your PC.
  2. Obtain a Tekken 3 ROM: A ROM is a copy of the game data that you can play on an emulator. You’ll need to obtain a Tekken 3 ROM file from a reliable source. Be aware that downloading copyrighted ROMs may be illegal in some countries, so make sure to obtain the ROM from a legal source.
  3. Configure ePSXe: Open ePSXe on your PC and go through the initial configuration process. You’ll need to select the appropriate BIOS file (which can be legally obtained from your PlayStation console) and configure your controllers. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.
  4. Load the Tekken 3 ROM: In ePSXe, click on “File” and then select “Run ISO.” Browse to the location where you saved the Tekken 3 ROM file and select it to load the game.
  5. Configure Controls: Once the game is loaded, you may need to configure the controls for Tekken 3. Go to the “Config” menu in ePSXe and select “Controllers.” Follow the instructions to map your keyboard or gamepad buttons to the appropriate PlayStation controller buttons.
  6. Start Playing: After configuring the controls, you can start playing Tekken 3. Use your keyboard or gamepad to control the characters and navigate through the menus.
  7. Learn the Controls: Tekken 3 has a variety of moves and combos for each character. You can find move lists and character guides online to help you understand the controls and techniques for each character. Practice different moves and combos to improve your skills.
  8. Explore Game Modes: Tekken 3 offers various game modes, including Arcade, Versus, Practice, and more. Explore these modes to experience different gameplay options and improve your abilities.
  9. Enjoy Multiplayer: If you have friends who are also interested in Tekken 3, you can play multiplayer matches using ePSXe’s networking capabilities. You’ll need to configure the network settings and have the same Tekken 3 ROM to play together.
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