How to download and activate MS Office 2010 professional


MS office 2010 is a popular version of the office toolkit which is appreciated by many people because of its friendly interface, ease to use, and outstanding innovation features. The first impression of Office 2010 is to have the advantages of previous versions. Along with that are the positive improvements that users should not overlook.

Microsoft Office Professional 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional is a comprehensive system of programs, servers, services, and solutions, including a dozen desktop productivity programs that you can install on your computer, and four new online program versions. To meet the varying needs of individuals and organizations, Microsoft offers five different Office 2010 software suites, each consisting of a different subset of programs.

The following table identifies the programs available in each of the software suites.

Microsoft Office Professional 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional installer included:

  • Microsoft Word 2010: A word-processing program with which you can quickly and efficiently author and format documents.
  • Microsoft Excel 2010: A spreadsheet program with which you can analyze, communicate, and manage information.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2010: A program with which you can develop and present dynamic, professional-looking slide presentations.
  • Microsoft OneNote 2010: A digital notebook program with which you can collect, organize, and quickly locate many types of electronic information.
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010: A personal information management program with which you can manage e-mail, contacts, meetings, tasks, and other communications.
  • Microsoft Access 2010: A database program with which you can collect information and output information for reuse in a variety of formats.
  • Microsoft Publisher 2010: A desktop publishing program with which you can layout newsletters, cards, calendars, and other publications.

New outstanding features

  • Customize the Ribbon
  • Renew Office option button
  • Outlook is improved
  • Taking screenshots is more convenient
  • Professional photo editor
  • Arrange documents easily
  • Open the document in protected mode
  • Sparkline and Slicer in Excel
  • Improve OneNote
  • Simultaneous editing of a document

Download the full MS office 2010 professional installer

How to install and activate MS Office 10 Pro

Note: Before installing, remove all available office versions and Install .NET FRAMEWORK 4.0 or more

Minimum System

  • 500 MHz or higher processor
  • 256 MB of RAM; 512 MB recommended
  • 3.5 GB of minimum disk space
  •  Windows XP SP3 (supports only 32-bit Office), Vista SP1, Windows 7, Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2008

Step 1: Extract the file and run file <ProfessionalPlus.exe>

Step 2: Enter one of the keys after the program request and click <Continue>


How to install and activate MS Office 10 Pro
Step 3: Click <Install Now> and wait for the installation process to complete

How to install and activate MS Office 10 Pro
Step 4: Activate office 2010 by office toolkit
After installation of the program is completed, access the “Office2010Toolkit2.2.1” folder and run the <Office 2010 Toolkit.exe> file

Press the EZ-Ac button…. green and wait a moment. When the following message appears, the installation of Office 2010 is complete!

How to install and activate MS Office 10 Pro

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